Parametric Walls

Parametric Walls

Design without limits

Enabling designers to create and deliver customised, non-repeating, beautiful textured walls and surfaces.

The most beautiful 3D textured walls in the world, created by M|R Walls and brought to the UK exclusively by Parametric Walls, who we are agents for.

M|R Walls Patterns.

Created in Venice, California and available across the globe, M|R Walls by Mario Romano is an exclusive line of textured, etched and multidimensional wall surfaces made from solid surface material. Mario’s revolutionary CNC technology and unique puzzle piece assembly, gives designers the flexibility in scale and simplicity in installation.

Pieced together, seamlessly, like a giant puzzle, is the key to how Mario achieves his stunning, non-repetitive, designs on any scale. This method not only expands the possibilities of design but makes installation less arduous and expensive.

Our exclusive range of M|R Walls designs feature non-repeating patterns that are infinitely customisable. Carved and textured like nature, these endlessly expressive designs capture the interplay of texture, light and the complexity that emerges from its simple rules, to create the most beautiful 3D textured surfaces in the world!

Parametric Walls offers a multitude of Mario Romano pattern choices, along with the options to create bespoke designs. Our standard designs are made up of 12 popular, tried and tested pattern and provide just a snapshot of possibilities, so don’t fret if the design you envisioned is not below, either have a brose at our gallery for further ideas or get in touch and tell us about your project and we can take it from there.

Parametric Walls can be designed to be backlit, creating a mesmerizing glow that enhances the artworks depth and allure.













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