Textured Brick Panels

Textured Brick Panels

Available from stock, our Heritage, Londinium, Rustic and Loft style Textured Brick Composite Wall Panels give an authentic brick appearance full of character and are suitable for exterior and interior projects.

We also offer panels in other brick finishes including long thin Roman bricks. These are all supplied to order, normally within 4-6 weeks.

Heritage Brick – Sheet size: 3330mm x 1330mm = 4.39 sq/m

Londinium Brick – Sheet size: 3200mm x 1270mm = 4.06 sq/m

Rustic Brick – Sheet size: 3270mm x 1300mm = 4.25 sq/m

Loft Brick – Sheet size: 3300mm x1320mm = 4.36 sq/m

Roman Brick – Sheet size: 3330mm x 1330mm = 4.43 sq/m

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