Textured Industrial Panels

Textured Industrial Panels

Our Industrial Themed Textured Wall Panels are inspired by unique distressed brick walls, plaster & iron walls, bricks & steelwork peeking through crumbling concrete and urban tarnished metal plate designs for stylish urban interiors.

Available in the following styles: Brick & Plaster & Iron, Distressed Wall, Tarnished Metal, Ribbed Iron, Rock Surface, Battered Wall and Alpine. We have Brick, Plaster & Iron panels in stock. Other panels in this range are supplied to order, normally within 6-8 weeks

Brick Plaster & Iron – Sheet size: 3320mm x 1330mm = 4.42 sq/m

Distressed Wall – Sheet size: 3300mm x 1320mm = 4.36 sq/m

Tarnished Metal – Sheet size: 3330mm x 1330mm = 4.43 sq/m

Ribbed Iron – Sheet size: 3280mm x 1330mm = 4.26 sq/m

Rock Surface – Sheet size: 3350mm x 1350mm = 4.52 sq/m

Battered Wall – Sheet size: 3300mm x 1320mm = 4.36 sq/m

Alpine – Sheet size: 3310mm x 1310mm = 4.34sq/m

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